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The Company Store®
Fine Art Collection

We are pleased to announce The Company Store® Fine Art Collection, a carefully curated selection of artworks for your home. Working closely with renowned experts in the fields, The Company Store® will offer limited edition works, rotating every three months. We have selected artists with a unique ability for creating art that resonates with your personal dreams and memories.


Brooklyn artist Krystyna Printup’s paintings celebrate the common houseplant in moments of play and drama. An electric color palate and bold, expressive shadows pay compliment to her subject’s organic form. Equally playful and cerebral, the artist aims to “capture the beauty of the plant as if painting a portrait,” focusing on the charged relationship between plant, vase, and place. The 33-year-old designer-turned-contemporary-artist understands the importance of carving out a place of calm, and insists that her plant portraits “can seduce any viewer into a moment of peace.”

Paintings in this collection are currently only for sale directly from The Company Store . For other inquires please email Krystyna Printup

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